Legislation, legislation and more legislation… Whatever the size of your company, processing Payroll uses up valuable resources that could be out to far more productive use. An onerous chore, Payroll is easy to get wrong and can lead to serious consequences with the Inland Revenue if incorrect. We provide a service run by a qualified team of professionals using the most innovative and latest software that will aid the running of your business.

We will provide a tailor made service which shall protect you from constantly changing government legislation and shall give you total peace of mind.

Payroll services will include:

  • Compliance with the latest government legislation.
  • Weekly or monthly payslips showing the respective Tax, National Insurance payments.
  • SMP and SSP calculations
  • Year end Forms submitted to the Inland Revenue
  • Backup support and help line available
  • As can be seen, we provide a complete comprehensive Payroll support structure from the small to larger companies.

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